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First published on Wednesday, 01 February 2012 18:49 at

Written by Anatolii Lazarenko

This site is for those who are tired of arrogant nonsense declaired by usurpers. For those who feels disgusted when this country is run by dullards with purchased diplomas, gangsters and snitches, dull embezzlers admired of listening to the world wide known stupid clown when he regularly feeds society with “thoughtful allusions to the content of a rotten egg” . For those who are “against all” and who believes that the elections should not go to, and for those who feel either vague or obvious concern when thinking about where this country is going and what to expect in the nearest future.

Слезай, приехали!

Ukraine is at an impasse. Already at the dawn of independence one could have guessed that without broad public support for honest and intelligent persons (yesterday’s dissidents, for example) in the elected bodies,they sooner or later will be pushed off by “new-Russians” – nouvoriches: former Komsomol leaders and party`s bosses-sons-in-law interspersed with the most agile of the bandits/bazaar butchers/ sharps succeeded in washing-off their stolen during “perestroika”`s disorder and haos money .

We, alas, hoped that “they will understand it by themselves” – and they figured out: refined, filtered the most unscrupulous and least burdened by conscience and honesty – with rare exceptions, only confirming the rule. Now we have to watch their “reforms”- something like “pathetic attempts of the unfortunate paralytic” to organize the Olympics which he had never seen in his backyard, – and this is in utterly devastated country. It’s really the time to be determined, are we the PEOPLE, or a cattle – and act accordingly …

The story is “choppy”: in 1989-1992 Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union were disbanded, in 2000-2004 it would seem that kuchmizm died, -and we relaxed again … We are to some extent justified by the 2006-2010 phase of apathy, but now it is over. One that promised “to hear everyone” even does not hear the voices of the superpowers – and with huge enthusiasm, is sawing a rotten branch on which he sits …


We should prepare for the inevitable. Even if we can avoid violence (it is the first problem, how to solve it – let’s think together!), – we must create at least the beginnings of structures that can not give the new government again cheat us as Yuschenko did.

For example, the idea is to work out a parallel voting system via the Internet – at first as an additional exit poll, and in the future – as the substitute for regular paper one. “Single person – single vote” can be easily provided by a person`s tax number, without any electronic signatures. This will be a reliable feedback system: at any time a voter can withdraw his vote (and the confidence decline below a predefined threshold should mean an automatic revoke, or a new confidence vote). This will be the real barrier for anythink like recently seen Ukrainian MP`s shameless purchase by rulling party. If we would created it in 2004, Yushchenko career would be over at least three years earlier. The same system can be used as a jury trial, where jurors are the citizens who are interested in any litigation. Here we have a chance to leap in the development of democracy ahead of even quite prosperous countries in which the old system neither is always working properly. As in some African country now is no sense to dig into the ground thousands of tons of copper wires for the stationary telephone network construction, and is cheaper, faster and safer to deploy the cellular one, Ukraine has a chance to build something qualitatively new in the ruins of new-soviet system rotting before our eyes.

Capitalism does not work in Ukraine (as well as in dozens of other “third world” countries) due to the lack of a single transparent system of property registration and protection and the same lack of laws and treaties enforcement. The “elite” just do not want them because it uses this vacuum and fog for self-enrichment and looting the remnants of anything listed under the Constitution as “the people’s property.” Hence we need inventory – it should help, in addition, a germ of self and nation, to reduce stratification, fill the Pension Fund and turn dead capital (like Barabashka`s bazaar`s places) on the market) in a real capital.

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