WHEN and WHERE explode will be?

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decisive years
Пик солнечной активности

It is the English subtitles of https://youtu.be/HsHPCW8hb48 in “one piece”

Hello everyone from Ukrainian Kharkov, you are with Anatolii Lazarenko.
To understand where and what the question from the title comes from, you need to spend a couple of minutes getting acquainted with the discovery of 100 years ago. In 1918 a guy named Chizhevsky defended his dissertation “Study of the periodicity of the world-historical process.”
Without a computer, manually, he sifted through the historical chronicles, built such graphs for each century and found out that the events that got there are grouped in cycles, 9 per century, so that each lasts 11-something years.


Accordingly, it is possible to single out phases of minimum, growth, maximum and recession with a duration of 3,2,3 and 3 years. And for each “minimum’s” year it falls less than 2%, but for a “maximum” – 20% of all cycle events. Chizhevsky drew attention to the fact that since the middle of the 18th century, when astronomers regularly monitor solar activity, his “historiometric” cycles coincided with solar ones.
On these color charts, the average monthly number of sunspots is plotted vertically. Green letters denote regicides in Russia, blue numbers denote revolutions that got into the Great Soviet Encyclopedia and some other similar events such as the Prague Spring of 1968 and “Ukraine without Kuchma” 2000. These graphs themselves are from my posts to the upcoming second Maidan (the graph predicted the next peak on 2012-2014, and Yanukovych did everything to bring the people to a boil).

That is, nature, by modulating solar “pumping”, seems to shake up social systems so that the weak can disintegrate and reassemble, and the resistant ones test themselves and increase their strength. What 4 years ago could have caused an ordinary and local discussion, and discontent (like the Kharkiv agreements in 2010), suddenly brings a million people to the streets (the beating of students in Kiev on 11/30/2013).
Below, in the description of the video, I will give a link to large quotes from Chizhevsky about the characteristic manifestations of social reactions in different periods of the cycle, here I will only give a summary of what can await us in 2024-26:
“… the period of maximum excitability contributes to:
1) the unification of the masses;
2) nomination of leaders, generals, statesmen;
3) the victories of ideas supported by the masses;
4) the maximum development of parliamentarism;
5) democratic and social reforms;
6) democracy and limitation of autocracy;
7) uprisings and unrest, riots, rebellions, revolutions;
8) wars, campaigns, expeditions;
9) emigration, resettlement, persecution and other outbursts of human mass activity.”
A link to an interactive chart, the last minute you see it’s screenshot with a focus on the 21st century, is also in the description, and at the end of this video I will show for a minute how you can change the “sight” by years and the scale along the time axis. And to the question from the title: it will explode in 2024-2026. I also denoted “black swans” – examples from Taleb’s book: 6 out of 8 appeared at the peaks. It turns out that we can wait for their appearance and something (it is quite possible that everything from the list above 🙂 countries that have accumulated a load of serious problems by this time.
Of course, this is Ukraine. Apparently, it seems to Zelensky and his team that he has a great chance of leading even if he has to sign a truce… And if I were him, I would beware even if Crimea returns – unless, of course, he will imprison at least three friends, like Lee Kwang Yew taught…

The bunker bastard carefully prepares ideal storm for the Russian Federation mimicking Nicholas 2nd by continuing the unnecessary war “purely for show”, while losing the fattest oil and gas “counter” for the Russian Federation in Europe and burning the stash saved “for a rainy day”. He would have to sit out these years, draw a mouse under a broom – but, you see, in the Crimea there was absolutely ass without water and without the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant … In short, the “senseless and merciless” Russian rebellion is quite visible, Prigogine has even already done a warm-up :).

Русский бунт

The trouble is that the United States, it seems, can add itself to a campaign: too obvious democrats (in the putin’s style , by the way – “what will you do to me ?!”), launch double standards, ignore the US laws and customs with all BLMGBT +, at the same time not I draw your attention to the recession, which has almost begun. And then there are the elections, and the Kremlin bots will again begin to pit everyone against everyone … If the United States staggers, will Xi’s comrades be able to rise from the temptation and not try to seize Taiwan? Hardly… 🙁

What should the Ukrainians do?
Paradoxically, but the observable agony (of the socialist, and not touched by the free market Ukraine 2.0) makes no need to dismantle the collapsed system and fight against it. A country destroyed by a horde will either be able to become a magnet for business, or it will die out, left without youngs that have spread all over the world, and will, at best, be bought up by the Arabs and Chinese. The only rapid medicine will be a completely free market with minimal taxes, as was the case in America 250 years ago.
Two-thirds of our best people who are now fighting, according to the polls dream of starting their own business. They only have to return home with weapons (as the foundation of a future permanent terrorist defense), and start building a truly free society. I quote:
“The period of maximum excitability, in fairness, can be called the period of manifestation of the faces of the masses and the voices of the people. Historians are bewildered by facts that show that ideas that they did not dare to speak about two years ago were now being expressed openly and demonstrations became more vicious and hostile, popular assemblies did not proceed peacefully: the masses powerfully demanded with sword in hand, recognizing their decisions; Individual whims and exits immediately become legitimate, and care is taken to betray oneself in any case, who tried to contradict everyone who tried to contradict them; paralyzed by some wondrous magic.”
The people of Ukraine should create real freedom of speech in the form of commercial independent media instead of a today’s mono-info-marathon, elected judges, prosecutors and sheriffs – and things will go. Put forward ideas right in the comments – now is the time!
Lech Walesa, who was an electrician at a shipyard, became president within a few years. We have these very 3 years ahead of us. Come to the DerevoVoli, “study the thing”, support yourself.
And now let me show how to manage an interactive solar weather graph. But first, take a look at this old man – the father of the Pakistani atomic bomb, Sultan-Bashiruddin-Mahmud, who independently repeated the Chizhevsky’s discovery with a delay of 75 years, link is below. But he also discovered and researched inventions (patent applications) with solar activity and published his book in 1998, when there was no Google yet and, probably, the English translation of Chizhevsky wasn’t yet online :).

Султан Башируддин Махмуд

So, let’s see how you can manage this graph and take the necessary data from it. Now we are in the 25th cycle since the beginning of the observation, here below they all drew and there are such runners, you see, when the cursor hovers on them, they turn into arrows. And so we can stretch the range, and compress it again in the place we need. For example, we want to see what was there in 1917 – 250, 200 with something there were spots, and now we have, as we see, 150 with something. This is all.
Watch, if you are interested in the evolution pressure law, the first video on my channel, as well as 3D videos on youtube.com/@ixyt, thanks for the time and attention, see you on the air

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