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Published on Sunday, 08 January 2012 21:15

Written by Anatolii Lazarenko

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The influence of the sun on the livelihoods of people is of no doubt. Its activity (manifested by the number of spots) and associated magnetic storms on Earth increases the number of accidents, heart attacks / strokes and exacerbations of other diseases.

Less obvious is it`s impact on the behavior of large groups of people. Only a hundred years ago our countryman A. Chizhevsky, analyzing the chronology of the history of mankind for 3000 years, found out her 11-12 years cycles, similar to a major cycle of solar activity (mean – 11.5, but in general – from 7 to 12,5 years), which obeys the Wolf number (the number of spots, simply speaking). Namely, in two or three years of the cycle quarter (at minimum, rise, maximum, and decline), the number of events in the history of the world is changing dramatically – from 5% per year for a minimum to 60% for maximum. *** That is, in this regard, we, the people not much differe from other, more simple creatures, whose numbers are activity also follow the sun`s one.

In the USSR Chizhevsky, to say the least, was not appreciated: “Look, what up! The Union Indestructible should follow the rhythm of the CPSU congresses, rather than that of non-party and non-accountable shine! Therefore, nominated for the Nobel Prize scientist was sent to the concentration camp and was almost erased from the history of 50-70 years. Rare edition of his books was hard to find and it is not surprising that I, for example, “discovered” this as brand new in the early ’80s, when “Solidarity” arose in Poland and the strikes there began. The previous uprisings in the Soviet bloc (1956 – Hungary, 1968 – Czechoslovakia) explicitly encouraged to guess the cyclicity, and caused me to place a dozen other dates from the articles “Revolution in the …” from Soviet Encyclopedia on Sun`s activity graph only confirmed this conjecture. I “discovered” – and was scary at all proud, until ten years later, when they truly began to publish in USSR anything your heart desires, I was enlightened by friend which have already read about the Chizhevsky (“What a blow from the classic, Alex, is not it?”. . 🙂 . Inspired by this “discovery”, I even wrote a letter to the 19th CPSU party conference (1988), trying to entice Gorby &Co to some meaningful action on the eve of the critical 1990-1992 ( with no answer, as you might guess :-), and open letters to Yanukovich in 2010 and 2011

Incidentally, in the first half of the 90s at least one more person (one among the main creators of the Pakistani atomic bomb) – Sultan Bashir Mahmud -“re-discovered” the same and in 1998 published the first edition, and in 2006 – the second one of 117 pages book «COSMOLOGY AND HUMAN DESTINY. Impact of Sunspots on Earthly Events » , which also warns mankind of the dangers of terrorism and conflict in the nearest future, and without false modesty, for brevity, referring to his discovery as “rule of the SBM” (according to his initials, you see, the other explanations I have not found) … He apparently knew nothing about Chizhevskii (nothing to tell about me:-). It is a pity that his address is hard to find – I really want to share with him a reference on Chizhevskiy`s work English translation, abecause it is not respectable for such a big scientist not to know that he has been late with his discovery for 80-90 years … It should be noted that SBM did something added to Chizhevsky`s results, for example, taking into account seasonal bursts of the sun and a lot of data on inventions and discoveries – they too are subjected to the same dependence.

Prediction of NASA

Now, let’s impose the foregoing to the Ukrainian reality. For 20 years of independence the people was deprived of “confidence in the future,” the illusion of equality (though in poverty), stories about the great country – “the forefront of all progressive humanity” … Instead of this people obtained a lot of blunt striking show of “Win $*** by talent and slim deliciously “, was surrounded by dangers like terrorists/nationalists/communists etc. Meanwhile solar activity ( you can see the freshest real activity data and chart for the neearest forecast from NASA a bit up and from some other laboratories below) has already surpassed the one that was in the period of the Maidan-2004 and continues to grow. Even Russia is already awakening! And our Ukrainian proFFessionals, cursing “predecessors” are doing “reforms”, reminiscent of “poor pitiful attempts of fortuneless paralytic” to organize Olympics, which he had never seen, at his backyard.

What is it like? For me – a monkey with a grenade, alas … IMHO, an explosion waits us iin Ukraine – at least of the same order of the 2004 Maidan. But given the intellectual and moral level of our illegal government – it is almost unlikely to prevent blood and violence. And if Putin will “help”?.. He really needs a poor and broken Ukraine for a contrast: “You see, what can bring unruly democracy?”

So we have to think about how to resist it, and what to prepare, taking into account that during the peak, “… sometimes it is quite the slightest reason to mass ignited, rose in revolt and marched off to war. Even a rumor, which was put into circulation to the masses, can cause general unrest and rebellion. What is is usual in the period of minimum causes a quiet discussion at the {maximum}, excites and involves the mass uprisings, wars, bloody episodes. masses crave movement, the troops held back with difficulty, the soldiers are prone to rebellion, the people – to anarchy. “

So let’s think, and unite to create a “safety net” for the society, to build a parallel government in the end! Let us take into account that “the period of maximum excitability, in fairness, be called a period of a person to identify the people and the sound of voices of the people. Historians have become a dead end in front of the facts indicating that the ideas that did not dare to say two years ago, is now expressed openly and boldly, the masses became impatient, restless, excited, and they began to raise their voices to demand and arm. Demonstrations were made angry and hostile, public meetings are not proceeded peacefully: the mass imperiously demanded, sword in hand, the recognition of their decisions; gusts are no longer constrained and , immediately caught up by the masses, led to the overthrow of all that worried and troubled minds. Individual whims and antics soon become law, and indulged in a penalty anyone who tried to contradict them; people seized a deep hatred of his enemies, who indulged in the extermination of being paralyzed by what something wondrous magic. “

Here are the latest data and forecasts from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration :

Sunspot Number Progression

And the following data from space weather department of National weather bureau of Australian Government :

National weather bureau of Australian Government prediction

And the last one you can see HERE from Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC) Sun physics research department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium: IT’S TIME? as you can see!

Come to our forum, write articles, generates łdeas, bring youur friends – may be this is just for you waits the country to open e new page of it`s history Honest, open and prosperous Ukraine! Lech Walensa was a simle electrician in 1980, three cycles ago … 🙂

*** Full specifications of all four phases of the cycle you can find in English traslation of original A. Chizhevsky’s work “Physical factors of the historical process.” – Kaluga, 1924,

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To begin with

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Written by Anatolii Lazarenko

This site is for those who are tired of arrogant nonsense declaired by usurpers. For those who feels disgusted when this country is run by dullards with purchased diplomas, gangsters and snitches, dull embezzlers admired of listening to the world wide known stupid clown when he regularly feeds society with “thoughtful allusions to the content of a rotten egg” . For those who are “against all” and who believes that the elections should not go to, and for those who feel either vague or obvious concern when thinking about where this country is going and what to expect in the nearest future.

Слезай, приехали!

Ukraine is at an impasse. Already at the dawn of independence one could have guessed that without broad public support for honest and intelligent persons (yesterday’s dissidents, for example) in the elected bodies,they sooner or later will be pushed off by “new-Russians” – nouvoriches: former Komsomol leaders and party`s bosses-sons-in-law interspersed with the most agile of the bandits/bazaar butchers/ sharps succeeded in washing-off their stolen during “perestroika”`s disorder and haos money .

We, alas, hoped that “they will understand it by themselves” – and they figured out: refined, filtered the most unscrupulous and least burdened by conscience and honesty – with rare exceptions, only confirming the rule. Now we have to watch their “reforms”- something like “pathetic attempts of the unfortunate paralytic” to organize the Olympics which he had never seen in his backyard, – and this is in utterly devastated country. It’s really the time to be determined, are we the PEOPLE, or a cattle – and act accordingly …

The story is “choppy”: in 1989-1992 Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union were disbanded, in 2000-2004 it would seem that kuchmizm died, -and we relaxed again … We are to some extent justified by the 2006-2010 phase of apathy, but now it is over. One that promised “to hear everyone” even does not hear the voices of the superpowers – and with huge enthusiasm, is sawing a rotten branch on which he sits …


We should prepare for the inevitable. Even if we can avoid violence (it is the first problem, how to solve it – let’s think together!), – we must create at least the beginnings of structures that can not give the new government again cheat us as Yuschenko did.

For example, the idea is to work out a parallel voting system via the Internet – at first as an additional exit poll, and in the future – as the substitute for regular paper one. “Single person – single vote” can be easily provided by a person`s tax number, without any electronic signatures. This will be a reliable feedback system: at any time a voter can withdraw his vote (and the confidence decline below a predefined threshold should mean an automatic revoke, or a new confidence vote). This will be the real barrier for anythink like recently seen Ukrainian MP`s shameless purchase by rulling party. If we would created it in 2004, Yushchenko career would be over at least three years earlier. The same system can be used as a jury trial, where jurors are the citizens who are interested in any litigation. Here we have a chance to leap in the development of democracy ahead of even quite prosperous countries in which the old system neither is always working properly. As in some African country now is no sense to dig into the ground thousands of tons of copper wires for the stationary telephone network construction, and is cheaper, faster and safer to deploy the cellular one, Ukraine has a chance to build something qualitatively new in the ruins of new-soviet system rotting before our eyes.

Capitalism does not work in Ukraine (as well as in dozens of other “third world” countries) due to the lack of a single transparent system of property registration and protection and the same lack of laws and treaties enforcement. The “elite” just do not want them because it uses this vacuum and fog for self-enrichment and looting the remnants of anything listed under the Constitution as “the people’s property.” Hence we need inventory – it should help, in addition, a germ of self and nation, to reduce stratification, fill the Pension Fund and turn dead capital (like Barabashka`s bazaar`s places) on the market) in a real capital.

Who, how and why make this site? – can be read here